First Telegram War

Category: Games

Publish date: 09.10.20 16:33

Last update: 09.10.20 16:36

First Telegram War is a simple online HTML 5 (not Flash) game on our website, where you need to look for pairs for cards, if you find a pair, they leave the table. At the same time, there is a special card that never has a pair. The cards hide various companies, games, programs and applications that were blocked by Roskomnadzor at the first attempt to completely block Telegram. There is a button for changing the dimension of the level (English letters), a button for skipping a level, a button for creating a new one (the current one has been successfully completed) and the current number of mistakes is displayed (non-negative number). Pump your brain, recognizing / remembering all the victims of the superproductive work of the brilliant Roskomnadzor.