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Publish date: 27.04.20 21:37

Last update: 08.02.20 17:32

Hello! A long story is waiting for you on the topic of how Steam robbed me of $ 5000+ (about 340 thousand rubles).

My player account is Steam over 8 years old. During this time, I scored the 226th level Steam, bought 1500+ games and own 2500+ products in Steam. Played 8000+ hours in total in all games. Actively participated in various beta tests, sales and other events in Steam.

In 2016, he began to develop games himself under Steam, in January 2017, my first game was released SQR (the game went through Greenlight). After that I released a total of 27 games and 160 additions (10 additions to 16 games each). I actively experimented in terms of ideas (several games were rejected Steam because the game was not suitable for the site ) .In the summer of 2019, I bought 40 passes for $ 100 (a pass is required to release the game) in the hope of releasing many games of different genres at the end of summer (I planned to release 43 games by the end of summer) .In 2018, I tried to release 10 games, Valve did not like the fact that they are very similar to each other and they blocked 9 of them and instantly in rnuli money for these 9 passes and was told that they can release both DLC (supplement to the main game) that I actually did.

I sent the unreleased game for verification in mid-August 2019. The check lasted for more than a month, after which I received a message that the game does not fit Steam and that my account with all released games is permanently blocked without the possibility of recovery due to the fact that Valve does not want to work with me. The reasons why the unreleased game did not fit Steam were not named. Blocking your account forever without any warnings for sending to check an unreleased game. Those 43 passes remained on the account, the money for which they did not return to me and do not plan to return. And also Valve didn’t pay a penny from the percentage of sales of games until they were blocked. We are talking about the amount of 5000+ dollars (about 340 thousand rubles). Unlike the history of last year, this time there was absolutely nothing, they didn’t return a dime, didn’t justify in a word the blocking of the game sent for verification and the entire account as a whole, and also did not pay the remaining interest on sales.

However, I was not the only one who became a victim of scammers Steam. Many game developers I followed were also blocked. Sharply, without explanation, warnings and the possibility of recovery. Also, they did not pay a single cent for passes and interest on sales. From the beginning, they responded to calls to tech support about blocking each time with new excuses, and then they began to ignore and completely delete the data from calls. Valve systematically destroyed indies, put sticks in the wheels of developers and as a result completely killed the industry, simultaneously robbing developers of considerable amounts (about the destruction of indies I can answer to those who are interested in details).

I regard this as a natural fraud with the aim of specifically extracting 5,000+ dollars from me on a far-fetched pretext (perpetual blocking for checking an unreleased game, where Valve they decide to approve its release or not), as well as the absurd permobans of a considerable number of other developers who also fell victim to scammers Steam. Just think about it, you release a lot of different games, actively experimenting in them and then your entire account with 200+ products is permanently blocked without any argumentation, money is not returned or paid, and that’s all for sending to check an unreleased game! I demand from Steam to unblock my and other developer accounts, restore everything to the state before blocking, apologize for this incident and compensate for the losses.

Next I plan to release new games at other sites, expansion, programs and much more (a lot of non-embodied ideas). Some projects need initial financial support (before I could afford to invest and did not take a penny from other people, however, this situation greatly undermined my financial and moral situation).

Who wants to support financially can do it here. All ways to support the project are indicated here. Who wants to contact me about this situation, write here namatacomp@gmail.com Thank you very much in advance. Big things are ahead :)